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Mill Basin has so much to offer the Torah Observant Jew . . .

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Flatbush Park Jewish Center

This modern Orthodox shul with many minyanim and shiurim going on daily, check them out, they are big. Just stated, a Shabbos Nusach Sefard minyan upstairs; The new place to be for the young families of Mill Basin. And do not forget the extra Sephardic minyan there too (Shaare Tikvah)!

Cong. Zichron Moshe Feinstein

Locally known as "The Shteibel," this amazing shul led by Rabbi Rappaport is a powerhouse in the community. With a night kollel and a late minyan for maariv, the lights are always on.

Congregation Magen Abraham

Authentic Yeminitie minyan right down to their authentic Torah Leining. If you have never experienced it, check them out on a Shabbos, you're in for a treat.

Rabbi Seraya Machpud

Shaare Yeshua M'Zion

The Sephardic Center of Mill Basin is the longest and largest running Sephardic shul in the neigherboorhood. Only place in the neighborhood to catch a real Netz minyan!


Mill Basin Sephardic Congregation

With a brand new shul just opened this past Channukah 2016, this shul is both beutiful on the inside and out. Stop by and listen to the amazon Rabbi Levy speak Shabbos afternoon, not to be missed (Hebrew).

Rabbi Seraya Machpud

Chabad of Mill Basin

Authentic Chabad House right in the heart of it. Always an event planned, always something going on, Yechi!


Young Israel of Mill Basin

Daily Shachcris and Shabbos Minyanim, this stalwart has been around a long time. This small and inviting minyan davens Nusach Sefard and is welcome to all.


Congregation Beit Hillel of Flatlands

While technically not in Mill Basin proper, Georgetown is just up the block and they are just as much a part of the greater Mill Basin community.


Chabad of Georgetown

Led by Rabbi Holtzberg, a name synonamous with Chabad around the world, this shul also in the Georgetown area, davens Ashkenaz, yes they do!

The Mill Basin Shul

Mill Basin's newest shul! Deep into Mill Basin this shul is full of young families and full of life! Watch as this shul keeps on growing!

Women's Mikvah

Currently we have a women's Mikvah available by appointment only for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

An amazing new and breathtaking Mikvah is being built (under construction) with Mikvah USA leading the way.


Yeshiva Gedolah of Mill Basin

Open just a couple of years agao, this amazing Yeshiva led by Harav Yehuda Brick (Chaim Berlin) is always on full display; with boys shteiging away and seen walking around the neighborhood. The yeshiva is actually in contract right now to purchase a property and build a brand new yeshiva building right here in Mill Basin; houses are in contract as well!