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Food, yes we have food

Hungry and think you have to shlep elsewhere to shop for groceries or get some takeout? Thnk again! Mill Basin has many food options, with more coming soon!

Supermarket : Mill Basin Shuk

This local supermarket, has all that you need. From groceries, cereal, Cholov Yisroel Milk, fruits and vegetables and meat, nothing is lacking. Hashgaca certified.

Restaurant : Dagan Pizza

This pizza store has been with the Mill Basin community for over 25 years. Who remembers Koher City, the FIRST fully Kosher supermarket on Ralph Ave in the greater Mill Basin area? They were right next door, and now right in the heart of Mill Basin, remember to say hello to Mel.

Restaurant : Main House BBQ

One of Brooklyn's only 2 Kosher smokehouses, this local joint serves up some smokehouse goodies, make sure to stop by and give it a try.

Restaurant : Hunan West

Craving Chinese Food? Like its' sister store on Kings Highway, amazing food awaits. Open late and a full sushi menu, something for everyone to enjoy a great meal..

Restaurant : Dagan Grill

Formerly Joseph Dream Burger, this local joint has burgers, hot dogs, chicken and steak sandwiches, always fresh. Don't forget the Israeli options, their Morracan Cigars and great!